Saturday, January 14, 2012

Planes by Tyson

I got a paper airplane book from my grandma.  There are 2 small planes that are called glider, bug.  There are 2 big planes called jet,dart. 

I threw all 4 out of our upstairs window.  After that I threw them off of our water tower. 

I used my tape measure to measure how far I threw them.  I thought that my glider would fly the furthest but it didn’t the jet did.  I predicted that the dart would fly the worst but the bug flew the worst.  The chart below has data in it that we wrote down during the plane tests.  


2 comments: said...

Grandma Karen gave you the most special book. She will be so proud of your report and the fantastic graph. Tell us you did not hang off the water tower with one hand hanging on. Your dad would have to measure how many feet you flew-3 or 4??? You write the best reports and your pictures are worth a million. Gram

pop said...

Have a great day. Love the pictures. Did any planes hit the garden when you flew them from the water tower? Love you all

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