Friday, December 30, 2011

Testing Something New

We are still house sitting in Pretoria and enjoying the change of place, but will be returning to the Hammanskraal area in the middle of next week. Yesterday we decided to bring a load of our stuff back to our place so that we wouldn't have to try and squeeze it all in the car next week. It's a good thing we did that because somehow almost all of our possessions ended up in Pretoria with us! It actually gives me a pit in my stomach to see how much stuff we have after selling almost a whole houseful of things in Michigan! 

Anyways, while we were out in Hammanskraal yesterday we heard some disappointing news regarding the internet we've been bumming off of our friends the Hardings... their internet service is being dropped by their provider. Huge bummer for us! We are hoping that this will end up being a good thing and some internet provider will see that the Dinokeng area would be a prime location to gain some more customers and increase their coverage area so that we can get an affordable internet package. That is what we hope will happen. In the meantime, we will be using a stick modem to send and receive emails and that will be about it. So I am trying out a new feature that should allow me to post to our blog via email. I am hoping it works or we will have to say goodbye to our blog for now as well. 

So, here goes nothing! Hopefully this post will soon appear on our blog and then I'll know if this new feature works or if there are some bugs that need to get sorted out. 

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Chanell said...

Looks like it worked! Good thing, too...we have to keep tabs on you Feys!

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