Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

It is New Years Eve, well almost. It’s only 3 in the afternoon right now, so I guess it’s not technically the “eve” of anything, but it’s close enough. We have moved to our second house sitting location. We’re still in the same security estate, which was very convenient when moving our carload of stuff over! We have been enjoying this last day of 2011. Our friends brought some gifts back with them from Darin’s family, so the kids have been busy building Lego creations and making jewelry and we’ve all played a few rounds of Hi Ho Cherry-O, or Hi Ho the Cherry-O as Jori calls it. The kids have also enjoyed the special treat of riding bikes! Jori even learned how to ride a two wheeler this afternoon!

We were invited to a braai (cookout) tonight, but Tyson seems to be feeling a bit under the weather.  We’re hoping it’s just from a lack of sleep and that taking it easy for the day will be the cure. I guess we’ll see how he’s feeling in the morning. It would have been fun to get together with our friends from church, but I don’t mind being a bit of a homebody either. Darin is going to run out to the store in a bit to get some pita bread and then we’re going to make individual pizzas for dinner. Yum!

Last night we took the kids to Baobob for dinner. It is our favorite restaurant, but the kids have never been there. They were not very impressed with their first fine dining experience and kept asking why it was taking so long for the food to come. Darin was so impressed with his meal that he copied the description from the online menu and used it as part of his Facebook status : ) Thanks Pop and Gram for our belated Christmas dinner!

I think we are all eager to see what the year 2012 has in store for us. The first half of 2011 went more or less as planned; we sold our house, sold our stuff and moved to Africa. The second half has been a bit more unpredictable. We moved out here with certain plans and timelines in mind and so far none of the things we’ve planned on have come to pass. Instead of having a business with income to support our family, we have depleted all of our savings and are living off of borrowed money. This is both humbling and a bit ironic as the main reason we did the whole “business as missions” thing was so that we would not have to depend on the financial support of others to provide for our family. Instead of getting our kids to start a new school year in January, we are preparing to keep on with home schooling. Instead of growing closer as a couple, which is what we experienced during our 10 weeks here in 2008, we find ourselves drifting farther apart and struggling to deal with the stress of being around each other 24/7 and finding ourselves in very different roles than what we are used to. Instead of being heavily involved with local organizations and their care of orphans, we find that we are just kind of drifting and doing a little of this and a little of that and not feeling that our being here as made much of an impact at all. There are a lot of different reasons for this, some things that are totally valid and some that are just crappy excuses.

We don’t know what is in store for our little family in this next year, much less in this next month! We appreciate the prayers and words of support that so many of you send our way. Here’s to a Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

jonna...happy new year to you too my sweet...we are gearing up for day 5 of people at the house.. i actually look forward to working.. ( : no.. we played hands and foot last night with corey and amy.. different rules.. missed you two.. we are into settlers of catan and have brian and michelle right up the road to come often to play.. its getting a little competitive which is a little less fun for me the one who likes peace, and likes to win... i made chicken enchiladas for dinner and feel like suzi homemaker.. play cards with your husband.. go for a walk..communicate, talk, hold his hand, give him your heart, encourage him, let him hear that you believe in him, that you trust his heart for your family, build him up.. and it will build you up at the same time.. still learning.. love laurie

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