Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ant lions by Tyson

Ant lion lifecycle: first they’re an egg second they’re a larva third they ‘re a cacooon that’s made of sand and finally the one I’ve been wating for it’s the fourth thing they’re a adult. 

What they look like they’re fat.  They have pinchers with spikes in the inside of their pinchers I think they have hairs on their legs to sense prey.

I forgot to put one last thing in here.   it’s the sand trap pit!  That’s how they catch their prey.  How they make their sand trap pit.  They make a funnel of sand that’s how they catch their prey.  Are ghosts real?  I bet there’s a ant lion ghost in your backyard making a sand trap funnel pit.

I have been trying to catch one but I couldn’t. One time I thought I caught but no.  I’m never going to give up but I half to give up only on vacation.


Anonymous said...

Tyson, I hope you catch one after your vacation. Maybe you can find a cocoon instead and keep it in a jar until it opens. I love reading your reports. You are a great writer! Gage liked talking to Jori last night. Maybe you will talk to him next time and tell him about your adventures :) said...

I remember how fast these critters are-if you catch one you will probably be the first person to ever do so. I think you need a shovel and need to dig down a foot or so. BUT find one in your yard cuz if you go on the path a REAL lion might devour YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would you rather have a pool and tram or game drives, making water pits in the driveway, finding huge bugs and ant lions?? I know my choice hands down!!! Thanks for the great reports. Love ya Gram

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great report Ty! You just keep trying to catch one of those ant lions. They must be there when the sand is moving. I think you will be a great scientist because you never give up. Do you know who Thomas Edison is? He invented the light bulb. He tried over a thousand times but he never gave up. When he tried something that didn't work he just said, "Well, now we know one more thing that won't work. Soon we will find the right thing that works. Guess what? He found it.
I hope you are having a good time in the place you are at in Pretoria.
Love Papa J

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