Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Here are the Thanksgiving reports the kids wrote last week:

Thing’s I am thankful for by Tyson

1.       My buddy is so speacial to me
2.       We play baseball together
3.       We go out together
4.       We play together
5.       I like him very very much. My buddy is daddy!

Thanksgiving by Jori

I am thekfl for Charity and Niesi bkus thay are my grls. Orabile and Mapule cas they are cyot. Flower are prite and smel god. I am oso fakfl for playing outside kus it is fun. Anamis and babe brs are kol to see. I lik to see babe brs. 

I am thankful for Charity and Niesi because they are my girls. Orabile and Mapule because they are cute. Flowers are pretty and smell good. I am also thankful for playing outside because it is fun. Animals and baby birds and cool to see. I like to see baby birds.

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Chanell said...

Awesome. They're doing so well!

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