Thursday, November 17, 2011

Going on vacation

Going on Vacation by Tyson
We stayed at a hotel motel. Whiel we stayed at the hotel we did lots of fun stuff. Zipline, Big swing, Bourke’s Luck Potholes. By the caves there was a Dinosaur Park. There was a alive crockdile. My daddy thought it was too hot to move. It was in the water to cool off. The dinosaurs felt like cardboard. We took some scary pictures.

Katydids by Tyson
They hear with there legs. They have antenna. We played with them. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. There very nice katydids. Did I mention there like grasshoppers? There about the size of your hand. They have little mouth feelers. We did a routeen. First we get them on a stick, then we put them on a rock. We named them Hoppy, Hopper, Bacon, Una and Blacky. The end.

The sip line by Tyson (zip line)
We went to a place called big swing. It felt funny he he he he he he. They put a harenes on me.  it was like the sipline was like the one at post family farm but different. It was higher scarier. You had to run off a platform. It’s a very very nice view. You can see all sorts of cool stuff. All of us went on it except one of us. Can you guess? Gram tada! I concurred my fear. (actually, Jori also didn’t go on it, but I love the “gram tada!” so we are leaving this story as is!)

Our Vacation by Jori
We wint on A doce rid. And we got tow fed them. I JUMPT off A rokc AT MAK MAK Polv. My hl famley and me got r fet klen with fish it tikl
We went on a donkey ride and we got to feed them. I jumped off a rock at Mac Mac Pools. My whole family and me got our feet clean with fish. It tickled.

Bela Bela by Jori
It wuv fun at belu belu. Ther wuv big wotrsliv. Ther wus A hot tub at belu belu. I wun on A rase wotr slid. It wav fun.
It was fun at Bela Bela. There was big waterslides. There was a hot tub at Bela Bela. I won on a race water slide. It was fun.

What we did by Jori
I win to belu belu with PAP And GrAm. It wus fuN with the um. And we wint on Los uv gamdrivs. I luvd it with the um.
I went to Bela Bela with Pop and Gram. It was fun with them. And we went on lots of game drives. I loved it with them.

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