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On Friday, we took a little fieldtrip to Operation Mobilizations South African headquarters. The good people at OM South Africa were putting on a “trip” around the world for home schooling kids to come and learn about different countries and cultures. Tyson wanted a little independence, so he joined the blue group, while Jori and I were in the pink group. Each child had a “passport” and after hearing many interesting things about the country they were visiting, they were given a sticker for that country. We all had a wonderful time and appreciated learning more about the different cultures around the world. OM is a Christian organization that seeks to mobilize people to spread the Gospel message around the world, so we also learned about the religious climate of the various countries
When we got home, Tyson and Jori each started a report about the countries they saw. There were 8 countries total, but each child only made 5 stops. Together, the kids visited all 8 countries, which was wonderful as we were able to share the different things we learned with each other. We spent most of Monday and Tuesday working on and finishing the reports. On Monday we looked at our world map and found all the countries that we had visited and took some time to think back to what we had learned at each stop. I wrote down what the kids remembered so they would be able to have something to look at to help them remember the details as they wrote their reports. Enjoy!

Here is Jori’s report, with my translations following each section. 

We wint to Japan anb Thailand Somalia Ivory Coast Kazakhstan It was fun  I got choklit.
We went to Japan and Thailand, Somalia, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan. It was fun. I got chocolate. (She copied the names of the countries off of her passport.)

Somalia is in Africa. Sumbute patid my hands. The bows ha to sit on wun sib and the grls hat to sit on the uthr sid. If you bekum wan uv gov pepl you wil haf to diy. Mine pepl are muslum. Ther is not los uv ran Los uv prpsins are hungrey
Somalia is in Africa. Somebody painted my hands. The boys had to sit on one side and the girls had to sit on the other side. If you become one of God’s people, you will have to die. Many people are Muslim. There is not lots of rain. Lots of persons are hungry.

We wint to Ivory Coast It wus fun. It was in Africa. Kidv ha to be slavs The cis the didit git los of food. In a play a boy had to klim a tree to git a ckocko ben. I had chocklit
We went to Ivory Coast. It was fun. It was in Africa. Kids had to be slaves. The kids they didn’t get lots of food. In a play a boy had to climb a tree to get a coco bean. I had chocolate.

Here is Tyson’s report. If something is unclear, I’ve made a translation in parentheses.

Kazakhstan Japan Spain Peru Turkey. Have you heard of those contry’s. we learnd about them at a home scool festival thing. It was very very fun exsiting astonishing stipends (stupendous).

They did a funny dance. The funniest part of all was that you had to put out your legs behind you then you put it all together ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I’m saying that because he said chiken. It is buy Russia and china. They kidnap the wives. They have gross horse meat ewe w, but they like it. They half to drink sheeps milk, they have good apples. They’re muslims not Christians.

Peru-South America
It’s in South America. We drank inca cola. Mrs. Hether  told us that it’s better than coca cola. She’s one of the persons that goes to our cell (small group at church). There’s a guy named Jonny he begged for food and money. They have very very big spideres.

Spain is in Europe. In Spain they pray to Jesus mother Mary. They’re very famous for bulls. Do you know what fiesta means? Party!

And there you have it, two wonderful reports from two amazing kids. Ok, so I’m a bit biased, but it really is amazing how much they each remembered from the Friday morning. And the writing…oh my! Tyson’s handwriting has improved 100%! Six weeks ago I could hardly read what he wrote in his journal, but now I can type up a whole report without needing him to sit right next to me to interpret his messy writing. My sweet girl is also doing so good with her writing. I am glad I decided to have her start writing reports instead of thinking she was too young. I am sure they will have more interesting things to write about soon.

4 comments: said...

Tyson you write with such a flair-your reports are so interesting that it feels like I am in every country-that is what a good writer does. Your description words make the story exciting. Maybe someday you will be an author and write a book. You DO KNOW that your parents are also good writers so it is in your genes-not jeans-Tada I hope everyone looks up those countries on a map as well.
Guess who? said...

What a good writer you are-You know that most persons in kindergarten do not know where those countries are and do not know about Muslims. What a bright girl you are-like a light bulb! Bright and shiny-Ha. You got chocolate as well?? Lucky duckie.
I am waiting for a report on a rhino sighting-who was the spotter of the day?? Too bad my sharp eyes are not there to help. Guess who?? said...

Here is a riddle the Feys cannot figure out - who can help them??

A man came on Friday and stayed two days and left on Friday-how is that possible?
Jonna will send you a secret recipe if you figure it out-Tada
They're not as smart as someone in Lynden! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

3 molan kids know the answer to the riddle... (learned off a tv show... ) and hopefullly the recipe is worth it..
He rode into the town on a friday.. and that was his horses name.. yo all laurie

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