Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Snakes by Tyson Fey

On Saturday we had some friends over from Pretoria.  When they first came we played.  Then we ate dinner.  A girl named Aliya saw a snake.  It tried to hide but it didn’t hide.  It went in my mom and dad’s bathroom.  We sprayed doom on it to make it come out but it didn’t.  We stood back to make it come out and it did. A guy named Jared caught it we begged to go with across the road to let it go.  We did get to, then we went to bed. 

On Sunday, a friend came over from across the road.  While we were playing, I(Tyson) saw two snakes.  I called my mom and dad!  “There’s snakes!  There’s snakes!”  My sister got my dad.  He brought a broom and a bucket.  He swept one in the bucket.  He put another bucket on the snake.  That snake died.  We think it was the doom that killed it.  My dad threw it over the fence.   


trombonejo said...

"we think it was the doom that killed it" quote of the day and made me laugh so much! thanks!!
rather than doom bug spray I had a picture of a snake considering deeply the impending doom of a bucket descending on him!
great story Tyson!

Andy said...

More riveting posts by the kids, please...