Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Things I miss - by Jori Fey

I miss Lucky Charms cause they have cool cereal and marshmallows in them. I want to buy them when we go back to Michigan. I miss Honey Nut Cheerios. Now I eat Oatees. Plain, Chocolate and Custard Oatees are good. Strawberry Oatees are bad. 

I miss having a basement, a upstairs and my own room. There was an extra bed in the basement so if one more person comes, they can sleep. I miss having a closet and a bed that’s on the floor and my own dresser in my own room. 

I miss climbing up Tyson’s ladder on his bed to see what he is doing. And under his bed I miss building forts with the big blue blanket.

I miss little Reidy. I can’t wait to get back to I can kiss him and hug him. And I miss Jenna and JJ. I liked to play with them in their basement.

Tshepo Ya Bana by Jori Fey

Tshepo Ya Bana is fun cause there’s a little cute girl there who’s the only baby girl there named Orabile. She is cute and when my dad first saw her she just came running over to him. She is very, very cute. She lives at a orphanage. I like to play with her when I go over there. I like to say “Don’t make me come over there” and then she falls.

I like to go on the tramp and play a game with Fetsi. He lives at Tshepo Ya Bana too. He’s the lion and I’m a person and he tries to get me. I won the game. He got tired.

And it is fun at Tshepo Ya Bana.

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What I thank God For
A sweet sweet girl who can write her feelings and tell what makes her sad and happy. Jori, when we miss some things GOD gives new things-new friends-Orabile and Fetsi. Think how sad they would be without your sweet kisses and hugs and playing with them. Now you are THEIR good friend. It is ok to miss all the Michigan good things, but Gram has found GOD always has lots of surprises in the new place. Who else even knows what a blesbok is?? Who sees giraffes right across the fence? Who will get to go to BELA BELA with Gram and Papa. We cannot wait to squish your sweet face. Are you ready?? Love you to Saturn and back Gram

Robin said...

AWWW - what an adorable little post. :)

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