Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Roof - by Tyson Fey

The roof is made of thatch and the thatch is in big bundles.  People are fixing a leak on our roof cause it rained hard and then the leak came and it leaked in our jacuzzi room in two places, left and right.

The thatch is long grass and they get it from a place and the place cuts it down.  And then they give it to them.  They use tubes to get up there.  They throw the thatch up there.  The guys use a metal thing and tie string to it and they put it through the thatch and then they work together, one puts it in the thatch and the other pulls it out on the other side.  They tie it to the wood.  The end. 


Anonymous said...

Hey Tyson - great job with your roof story! I think that you get better and better each time that you write a story! And, it is so interesting, too! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about a thatch roof!
Love you tons!
Grandma Karen

Roxanne Nieboer said...

You write well, Tyson. I enjoy learning about life in South Africa from you.

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