Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Random news of the week

The lions are here! The first 4 lions arrived in Dinokeng today and are staying in an enclosed area about 3 miles from us. They will be there for the next 30 days and then they will be released. A few days after their release (and the release of 4 other lions) the elephants will be arriving! We plan to get out and walk around as much as we can before the big release, because once that happens, we will be remaining inside our fenced in yard, unless we are in a car! We are excited about these new animals coming, but it also means we’ll be kind of “trapped” in our yard, which is a bummer. We all love to get out and go for walks and I love being able to walk across the road to go to TYB. Once Darin starts working (we still have no clue when this will happen) the kids and I will be here without a car a lot of the time. I have a feeling that at that point I might not be such a fan of the lions and elephants!

It was cold today. Not “winter” cold, but definitely not warm! I wore jeans for the first time in weeks. The forecast shows rain for this weekend : ( We are supposed to be having our cell group out here for a braai on Saturday, so we are really hoping the rain holds off. It has been quite windy as well and our electricity has flickered on and off a few times over the past couple days. I think I had better just get used to it!

Today when we were outside, Jori said “This is a Michigan day. It feels like Michigan.” And do you know what, it did! It was sunny out, but the air just felt and smelled crisp. It just kind of made my heart happy to hear her say that. I am really missing Michigan right now as I love fall and all the fun things that happen during the autumn months. Art Prize, Post Family Farm, pumpkin donuts, crunchy leaves on the ground…

Home schooling is going great this week. I don’t know what it is, but the past 2 days have just been smooth. I am hoping this is a trend that continues. I have not been able to look online at any home school curriculum online because every time I go across the road to use the internet, I haven’t had a connection. However, whenever Darin goes over there to watch the Vikings, he does not seem to have the same problem…

We went to an Oktoberfest on Saturday at the local (local meaning Pretoria, not Hammanskraal) German school with some friends from church. It was wonderful. I kept telling Mirjam that other than the people walking around with mugs of beer in their hands ALL DAY it reminded me of the Hudsonville Fair! If only they had livestock barns and tractors and other farm implements for the kids to climb on. Jori dictated a report on the Oktoberfest during school today, so look for that soon.

Last night while we were reading the Bible and the kids were goofing off, Darin told Tyson to be more mature. Tyson said “Dad, I can’t. Only girls are mature.” He’s only 7 and he already gets it!!


Robin said...

i cant believe you're going to be living surrounded by lions and elephants....that will be so cool, except when you want to walk to tyb....then you're right, not so cool. but just think of all the awesome pictures you will be able to get. :)

ememby said...

The whole lions and elephants thing totally gives me the eebie jeebies! But probably because when I was little I had nightmares about animals escaping the zoo and chasing me.
I'll be praying for continued ease with homeschooling!