Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Random News of the Week

The time has come for more random news. Last night I made chicken legs for the first time ever. Yes, the first time ever. I prefer my chicken to be boneless and skinless when I buy it, so I have never bought chicken legs before. Thanks to my mom for her cooking tips and my friend Michelle for the gift of poultry seasoning, our dinner last night was a success. I will say that poultry seasoning did not give the chicken the exact taste I was hoping for, but all 4 of us ate our meal with NO complaints. That is a huge deal. In addition to the chicken legs, we also had crunch top potatoes and corn. I love the canned corn in South Africa. It is crunchy and sweet. Yum. To make crunch top potatoes, thinly slice some potatoes, as many as can fit on a baking pan (with sides) in one layer (we used 2 pans). Melt some butter (enough to coat the slices), then spread the slices evenly in the pan. Sprinkle with lots of salt, paprika and some crushed rice krispies or corn flakes (we had corn flakes on ours for the first time last night and I think it was better than the rice krispies.) Bake for about 20 minutes at 350 F, then sprinkle with cheese and bake for 20 more minutes. Actually, you might need to bake them longer. We now have a convection oven, which seems to bake most things at super speed. 

We are in our 5th week of home schooling! Yes, we have survived our first month of home schooling. Go us. I still have not been able to help Jori learn the difference between the lower case “b” and “d”, so if anyone has some helpful hints, I’d love to hear them. I am sure there are going to be some gaps in our kids education, as far as social studies, geography and science, but I am sure with their smart little minds they will be able to overcome any deficits they might have after leaving my teaching! I will write more about home schooling soon.
Tomorrow we are getting our “new” car! We are so excited to be done with the rental car. It is so tiny, it sometimes seems as if our kids are sitting on top of each other in the back seat. We are looking forward to having a little more leg room and just the freedom to know that if one of us spills something in the car, it does not mean we will be getting fined for it at a later date! Having a rental car for 3 months with kids is kind of stressful!

My parents are coming NEXT month. It is fun to be able to think about their visit in terms of “next” month. It just makes it seem so much closer to right now : ) We have too fun excursions planned for when they are here and are just so excited to spend time sitting and visiting with them and reintroducing them to the people they met in 2008. 

We are going to a church camp this weekend. Our friends Jared and Michelle will be staying at our house and keeping an eye on things here, and we will be getting to know more people at Eastside. Darin is even in charge of the movie night on Saturday. I have promised him I will not take over his little project. 

And here are two funny things the kids have said recently:
Jori – “To infinity, house begun!” (Toy  Story-To infinity, and beyond!”)
Tyson – “Don’t leave me hungry for lunch” (This is from the song “Lead me”, which says “don’t leave me, hungry for LOVE, chasing dreams, but what about us?”)

That is all for now. Tune in again soon for more random news.


Robin said...

well the new car is good news! is it a pope mobile? :) are you guys doing a game park or something with your parents? I'm so glad they are coming next month, it will be such a nice treat for you guys to have some visitors! :) love to you all.

pjvs50@gmail.com said...

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The Louzons said...

as far as the b, d thing...I have heard you can help them with the difference by making a b and a d with your hands...since your left hand is first (reading left to right) and it makes a b it helps them remember which is which because b comes before d in the alphabet. Don't know if that makes sense...just try and make them with your fingers and you may figure it out! Love you guys!

retha said...

Many children does that, there comes a time it'll just click. Try not to stress that too much. Emphasis- I mean, but also for the two of you. Enjoy the time together, not that I am a PhD in that one.

Chicken legs!!
You are getting indigenous or is that what is here drumsticks?

Anonymous said...

I love this post - I love the daily life stuff and to read about things in SA... and SO excited for you that your parents will be there NEXT month! Love you my friend!

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