Friday, September 16, 2011

Question and Answer time with Jori

Here are some questions that I asked Jori during home schooling this morning:

What are you learning in home schooling? Number partners in math, th and ch and sh. I am reading very good.

What does Charity (her doll) do when you are in school? She just lies there and talks and she’s silly too. She plays and does all stuff.

How do you help your parents in South Africa? I help my mom to do the laundry by hanging some socks and undies. I hang them with clothespins, but we call them pegs here.

Do you have any friends in South Africa? I have Haley and Aliya as my friends and Ilona. I play with them.

Where do you sleep? I sleep in a house with my whole family in a room with Tyson.

What is your favorite animal in South Africa? Giraffes because their necks are so long.

Is your mom a good driver? My mom is not a good driver. She’s learning how to do it thought. She’s getting good at It, but not gooder than daddy.

What does your daddy do in South Africa? My daddy does, um, huh. You answer this one.

Do you like having daddy at home with us? I like having daddy home cause he is fun and nice. He gives us treats like sweeties.

Do you like it here? I don’t really like it in Africa cause I miss my friends.


Anonymous said...

"Is your mom a good driver" is a rather leading question - but one with a hilarious answer! Love your sweet girl (and boy)! And their mama!

Whitney said...

We miss you to Jori!

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