Thursday, September 1, 2011

Princess Charity’s Adventure, Part 2 - as told by Jori Fey

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Charity. Her mom wanted to go to Bela Bela, but Charity had already been there 100 times. She said “No, no, I don’t want to go. I’ve already been there 100 times. I want to go to a hotel where Jori went.” Her mom said “But she’s gonna go to Bela Bela pretty soon.” But Charity said, “I don’t want to go because I’ve already went 100 times and I don’t need to go 100 more times.” Then she threw a coconut and her mom said, “Why did you do that?” Charity said, “Me don’t know” cause she likes to speak silly.

Then Charity found a dead bug and told her mommy. Her mommy said, “Did you really see a bug or was it your imagination?” Charity said, “Really, really I saw a bug.” She said, “It’s over here. It’s outside. The ants are carrying it away. I saw them pick it up.” Charity told her mom the ants were asleep then they smelled the bug and picked it up. She wondered if she could say “Hi” but they tried to run away with their food. She said “Wait, wait. I won’t hurt you.” But the ants wandered away. Charity walked away and started to cry.
Her mom said, “What’s wrong?” Charity said, “I never get to say hi to anything.” Her mom said, “That’s because you’re too big sweetheart.” Charity said she didn’t want to be too big and her mom said, “That’s how God made you sweetheart.” “Ok Mama. I want to go to a different kind of hotel not one with a kitty cat pool, but one with a hot tub like Jori went to with her Grandma.” Her mom said, “Ok, but you need to pack a lot of snacks and gum because we might have to fly there. I’m just kidding sweetheart. We never have to fly because our car can fly.” So they drove to daddy’s work and daddy hopped in. They even got daddy’s luggage. “We’re going to a hotel.” “Oh that looks fun.” “Yes Daddy, we’re going to a hotel that Jori went to with her Grandma. There is a big slide, but someone has to wait at the bottom for me.” “Why does someone have to wait at the bottom?” “Because I’m too little. Jori told me that. I want to be just like Jori cause she’s beautiful.”


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful princess story that you wrote, Jori! You are so good at telling stories - I can't wait till the next time that you write a story. I didn't know that Charity has a car that flies - that sure sounds like fun! Maybe I could buy a car that flies so that I could fly to see you! That would be lots of fun! Thanks for sharing your story with us!
Love, Grandma Karen

Roxanne Nieboer said...

Very good story, Jori. I look forward to reading more stories by you!

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