Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oktoberfest by Jori Fey

On Saturday, I went to Oktoberfest with my friend, Aliya. We watched a show. It was a magic one and silly. Then we played games. First we got a bag. We had to climb a pole, but I couldn’t do it, but my daddy helped me. There were sweeties in the bag. We played another game to win a water bottle. It was a spinning wheel game. I did a throwing bean bag game with all cans that you had to knock down. Then I went to another show and I ate my huge hot dog and drank my own pop. The hot dog wasn’t very yummy, but the bun was delicious.

After lunch we went to look at some books. I got to buy a Barbie coloring book and it was fun. Aliya’s family went to the market then.

Then I went in a big ball that was in the water. I kept on trying to stand and run, but I kept falling down. My friend Aliya couldn’t stand up either. We kept trying to run to each other, but we couldn’t. Then my brother came in and he was trying to bonk into my ball. Then they pulled us out.

Next me and Aliya went on another ride with Noah and Nellie. It was a shell one and it was very spinny. Then we got cotton candy and it was yummy, but I didn’t finish it. Then I played on some slides. Then we went home, but first we got some pop and a potato chip thing and then went home.

I want to go again to Oktoberfest since it was so, so, so, so, so, so, so, SO fun.

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Jori DiAnn
You are an amazing story teller-amazing. I am so proud of you. You write just like your mama. You write with feeling. Did you have to eat the kinda yucky hotdog?? arghhhhh Someday I am going to come for October fest. It sounds like as much fun as Art Prize. Man, you get to do fun things. Lynden has tractor stuff. I love ya girl and in less than 30 days I will smush your face. Love ya Gram

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