Monday, September 26, 2011

My boat - by Tyson

Last satarday I went to a science fair at an Oktober fest.   I saw a boat at the science fair.  To make the boat I need wood, a bag, wire, some Lego guys, and bottles.  We’re going to test it on our watering hole.

I don’t know if it is going to float or not, but I think it is going to float on our watering hole.  I built it using the wood from behind our shed and some wire from the same spot, not exactly the same spot.  We used lots of things, wood, wire, so much stuff.  All the materials were there and today we might finish the boat.  We drilled 7 holes in all.  Three on one piece and two on both of the other 2 pieces.  A guy named Hans, he’s the one that let us use the drill.  He’s a very nice guy. 

Finally it floated when it was completed.  The first day we sailed it was wensday.  It floated on the water.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, it is a great boat.  We used some sticky toffee stuff to put 2 Lego guys from Star Wars, 2 dinosaurs, a Lego laser gun, and R2D2 and a ninja guy on the boat.  I tried it again with the guys and it floated with them.  One guy fell in the water but we rescued him.  We played a game with my boat.  I think the other dinosaur is lost. 


trombonejo said...

thats amazing! i love the picture of the boat on the water hole!
I wish I was still a kid and could get away with doing fun stuff like this :)

Anonymous said...

" is a great boat." I know you guys haven't been gone that long, because I can hear Tyson saying this in my head.

pjvs said...

Wow Tyson
What an amazing boat! I don't know how you figured it all out. I think you may become an engineer like your daddy.
Can't wait to see you. Maybe I can see the boat then

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