Thursday, August 18, 2011


**This is the first installment of guest posts by someone really special, my dear son Tyson.  As part of homeschooling, we plan to have Tyson and Jori go out each Friday with a camera and capture whatever images they want and then they will write a report about the picture(s) during the next week.  Though this post doesn’t look too long, it was 2 full pages of writing for Tyson and we are very proud of the excellent job he did on this first assignment!

Animals go there to drink water in Africa.  I think it is 2 feet deep and it is by our house.  Probably 15 feet away from our house. 

There is an X path that leads to the watering hole and animals come from the path to get a drink at the watering hole. 

How moths get stuck in the watering hole:
They fly in or animals eat them and then they get stuck.


Andy said...
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Andy said...

This is awesome. Great job, Tyson. We miss you,

- Mr. Andy (the human, not the ostrich)

retha said...

I like the X path picture. Very well done Tyson and on the imagination with the homeschool said...

Did Tyson hire a professional photographer to take his pictures for the report. How much did that cost, Tyson??????????? Wow, I hope I can meet that photographer who takes such great images. The X path was the greatest. I wonder if the person could ever get some animals coming down the X??
PLUS, you are a great writer-just like a reporter for the news!! You must have a super duper teacher. Your Gram said...

I have a question for the author. How does the water get in the watering hole since it does not rain much?? Just curious
Do you think God puts moths in the water so the animals get some meat? :) I can't wait for your next report.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent story, Tyson! So excited to read about your adventures, keep it up, big guy! Can't wait to read more about some more great adventures that you have!

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