Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stupid things I've done this week

Yesterday I went almost 12 hours without speaking to my husband and a good part of today doing the same. That was dumb. What a waste of a day. Why do we do that anyway? A meaningless argument starts over something…meaningless, and then we just can’t let go of it and the problem just gets blown way out of proportion. 

This afternoon I drove around in 5th gear for quite a while when I should have been in 3rd. That is kind of stupid. I also forgot about the whole “car rolling backwards when your foot is off the brake” and almost hit a taxi. That would have been very, very stupid, but Darin was kind enough to say “Did you know you’re rolling backwards?” which saved me from embarrassment. 

3 minutes ago I ran into a tree branch. That was really stupid and it hurts really, really bad. I was trying to have fun playing with the kids; I was pretending to be a monster chasing them around the yard. Next thing I know, I am crumpled on the ground holding my head. Now my neck is super sore (from the whiplash of hitting the tree branch) and the top of my head is so sore. Darin said it is just barely bleeding. It’s a good thing we started talking a couple hours ago, because I really need some TLC right now. 

I am sure my husband, children, and the total strangers I pass by in the grocery store could add to my “stupid” list, but that is all I’ve got for now. I need to go lay down for a bit.


ememby said...

I just told me son to go watch one cartoon so he would be allowed to watch the Wiggles... that's not exactly smart reasoning :) You're in good company! Hope your head is all right!

Andy said...

Put some super glue on it and move on, Jonna.

- Polar Ostrich

Sarah said...

We all do our fair share of stupid things, so at least you aren't alone! A couple of weeks ago I carried a steak knife around in my purse for over day; didn't realize it until I started getting jabbed in the leg. And then I pulled it out, trying to figure out what was getting me, right in the middle of the library. Smooth. Hope your head and neck feel better soon. It's rough playing the monster! Love you, Sarah

Anonymous said...

glad you and darin are speaking again.. God is honored.. love you laurie

Jenny Z. said...

We all have days like this, no matter who we are or where we live. Don't be too hard on yourself, Jonna!

Jenny said...

By the way, Sarah's comment cracked me up! I'd like to know how the knife got in her purse :)

retha said...

And what the librarian thought! I can imagine a few faces if it happened around here.

Hope you feel better by now.

(my verification word 'umaysing,' I thought is fitting)

Sarah said...

I had a knack in South Africa for running into branches. Still have a scar on my eyelid from a thorny branch.

That takes some stamina to not speak for that long.