Saturday, August 6, 2011

Random news of the week

Jori will eat salad in South Africa. Not only did she eat it, but she loved it and wanted more! She will also eat tomatoes if she doesn’t know that’s what she is eating! I just made homemade spaghetti sauce with canned tomatoes and she ate it right up. 

Today at the grocery store I found strawberries for 19 rand, which is like $3, so we bought them. I also found spring onions for the first time out in Hammanskraal. So excited. Now I need to make one of my meals that need green onions in the next couple days.

The kids like to say “Are you thinking what I’m thinking” at the same time, but they first have to tell each other it is time to say that phrase so that they can say it at the same time. It’s funny. Then, because they don’t actually know what the other person is thinking, one of them starts saying what they’re thinking and the other chimes in, sometimes guessing correctly what the other is about to say, sometimes saying something totally different. They are so odd.

Tyson sliced his finger open on a piece of grass, only he kept telling Darin he cut it on a shingle and Darin had no clue what he was talking about because he missed the conversation where Tyson kept calling the thatch that makes up our roof “shingles”. It is crazy how deep grass can cut! In other news, his head wound is looking great. Hooray for super glue! 

I do not know how to shake hands with people here. There are a few different handshakes, including one where you end up snapping thumbs with the person who are shaking hands with, and I can’t seem to anticipate which shake is about to take place. Darin, however, is the handshake master and can seamlessly move from one handshake style to the next. 

Darin almost ran into a kudu yesterday, with his body. He was out for a jog and the kudu must not have noticed him til they were almost on top of each other. I walked through a bunch of wildebeest and blesbok yesterday and kept thinking “will these animals attack me or run away” as I kept putting one foot in front of the other. Thankfully, they ran away. I also had a close encounter with SIX giraffe on Monday. So amazing. I stumbled upon them while out walking and it was so incredible. I am pretty sure that if I was ever in a starting contest with a giraffe, the giraffe would definitely win. At one point, all six of them were in a row and they just watched me walk by. I was equally amazed by their beauty and terrified by their proximity. I kept looking for the nearest tree, figuring I could try to hide my body against it if they would decide to attack. 

Hot water bottles are one of the best inventions ever. I cannot get over how much heat one little bottle can put out. Darin and I now each have our own, thanks to my friend Mirjam who took pity on me. I had already named our yellow bottle “Hoda”, after Hoda Kotbe who is on NBC, and now I have christened our new pink bottle Kathie Lee. Get it??


Chanell said...

Loving the named water does Darin feel about sharing his bed with three women?! ;)

alwaysbusymama said...

Funny! You must like a lot of deep thoughts. That's what I thought of when I read your title. LOL!
I told you my hot water bottle story, didn't I? Do you know where I can buy one? I desperately need one, the one I just bought has wheat in it and you just microwave it, but I know the water ones work great! - Bonnie

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