Monday, August 22, 2011

Princess Charity’s Adventure

Jori really wanted to write a princess story as part of home schooling. Here is the story that she made up. I wrote it down as she told it to me.

One day Princess Charity went on an adventure. She packed up her stuff and drove in her car so she wouldn’t have to walk all the way and wouldn’t get hot hot. She loved it when she was driving. It was SO fun. She loved to eat snacks when she was driving because her car could drive itself.

Princess Charity was driving to Bela Bela and the forest was close by Bela Bela. When she arrived, she got her swim suit on and walked to the pool and JUMPED IN. Then she was swimming. She had never ever swimmed, but now she was swimming. She loved to swim. She wanted an adventure to go to Bela Bela because there was a pool and she LOVES pools. Princess Charity packed her favorite shoes-Flip Flops. Do you know why she packed her flip flops? Because they are her favorite shoes.

Once she got all dressed, cause she was done swimming, she went to the forest. And when she got there she saw tons of blesbok. They were playing and jumping and eating. Princess Charity wondered if she could say hi to them, but they were scared of her and they ran away. She said “Wait, wait. I won’t hurt you.”
Then she went home and said “Mommy, mommy. I saw the blesbok and wanted to say hi but they ran away. They were in the forest. It was fun seeing them. It was very fun seeing them because I never saw blesbok.” And her mom said “What way did they go? We could follow them.” Charity didn’t know what way they went because she only saw when they started to run away, then she turned around. She was wearing her flip flops when she was going by the blesbok. Charity loves seeing new animals even when she never ever sawed them. When she saw them, she made them as a picture. And her mom wrote the words so she could make books. Then she could sell the books.

To be continued…

3 comments: said...

I was so excited to read about Princess Charity. I was scared when I read she was wearing flip-flops because a blesbok could step on her toes or she could step on a lizard in the forest. Maybe she should get some new tennis shoes. I wonder how many books she will sell. I would buy one for sure. Whoever wrote the story is a great writer and I am proud of her or was it a him?? It had to be an adult as it was such a good story. I cannot wait for the next episode of this Princess who beat me to Bela Bela - a beautiful swimming princess-WOW!!

ememby said...

Someone's an aspiring author - I love it!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read the rest of the story - it was such an exciting story to read! Way to go, Jori!