Sunday, August 14, 2011

It’s like living in Michigan…only different

Back in the states, if you said “I’m going now”, that is what you would mean. You are leaving. Here in South Africa, “now” is used a bit differently, and I am not even sure I know what people mean when they use it. Out here, you can do something “now”, “now now” or “just now”. I am hoping someone who is more familiar with these terms will clue me in and also tell me if I am missing any of the “nows”. I do know that “just now” does not in fact mean what it sounds like. Our pastor said he was going to tell us something “just now” and then he didn’t tell us until way into his message.
In South Africa, we have electricity and outlets and can plug things in, much like you do in the states. However, our outlets are not the same. Instead of the two thin slots we were used to, our outlets now consist of three round holes in a triangle shape. To add to the fun (!) not all cords have a plug with three round prongs.  Some have 2 prongs, which are like skinny and not at all like the other plugs. That means you have to have a few adapters on hand so that you can use all of your corded items. I have only used my blow dryer once since we bought it. There is just not a convenient place to blow dry my hair and look in a mirror and we do not have enough adapters on hand, so I just don’t dry my hair. We also need converters for some of the electronics we brought from the states. In 2008, we failed to use a converter and “blew up” one of our kids’ sound machines. Fun.
If you ask where the bathroom or restroom is, you will most likely be met with a blank stare. You must ask for the “toilet”, which I find disgusting. Today we almost lost Tyson when he went to the “toilet” by himself at the mall. Darin went to check on him (we were eating lunch and there was no bathroom in the restaurant) and he was not there. It turns out he had gone to a different toilet, not the one we assumed he would have gone to.
In other bathroom news, we now use 1 ply toilet paper. Oh yes we do. It is so much cheaper and we are all about saving money these days.

4 comments: said...

I do not want to hear that you 'almost' lost Tyson-you cannot 'almost' lose a child-children should never go to a bathroom alone-not in Russia, America or South Africa. That comes with a bit of 'tongue in cheek'. One ply paper-good grief do I bring my own?? Ha. I love you Jonna Mich-you must write a book and get rich so you can afford the Charmin. Happy Sunday and every day this week. Love ya Your Mom

retha said...

You might laugh at me or say I am paranoid. And that is fine.
One can not let your child out of your sight in any shopping centre.
I do not know what is done in America but here I know children disappear. Even now there is a 19 year old that disappeared is gone for weeks.
IF the child is found it will be a dead child. Do you know body parts is used in ungodly spiritual rituals.

I know it might seems like I overreact, please do not let your child out of your sight where it can be disastrous.

Jo Rome (uk) said...

hi jona!

as far as I could work out whilst i was there the 'now's tended to be a fairly individual thing...

Just now seemed to mean - I'll do it in a while

Now now seemed to mean - actually now

Now seemed to mean - its on my list, i'll get to it within the week!

Extension cables help with the mirror issues :)


Anonymous said...

so far my vaction has been less than eventful.. maybe even a little stressful.. the good news is i am in bed til 9 instead of 5, so that is a bonus.. hoping the schooling has improved and i had to laugh as i know my skills would break down about when i said.. sit down and shut up... ( : ok i would just think it.. lov eyou sissy laurie

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