Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cleaning the Yard by Tyson Fey

Our gardener use a wheelbarrow for leaves and he gets the leaves in the wheelbarrow with his hands.  And then he brings them to a leaf pile.  Sometimes he lets us ride in the wheelbarrow.  And we think it is fun and when we get home we get out.

Amos, our gardener, uses a tree branch for a rake and sometimes he uses a regular rake.  When he needs a new tree branch for a rake, we go help him.  At first we get a saw and we go out of our gate and cut a new one down.  

2 comments: said...

Another great report!!! Tyson, have you ever tried to rake with a tree branch? Does it even do a good job?? What a good friend Amos is to allow two kids to ride in his wheelbarrow-that has to be hard work for him with two big kids getting a free ride. Keep up the good writing. Does Mrs. Fey correct your spelling cuz those are HARD words to spell. Gram, who loves ya to Mars and the farthest stars.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting report! Tyson, do you and Jori get to jump in the pile of leaves sometimes? You are doing so great with your writing! I love the pictures that go along with your report - then we can read AND see what you are writing about!! What fun it will be when we can come and see the pile of leaves and all the interesting things around you!
Love you, big guy! Keep up the great work!

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