Monday, July 18, 2011

What is it?

Here is a little guessing game for you! If you live, or have lived in South Africa, give the others a chance to answer first  : )
Here are the brand names of some products (a couple might be the product name) we have purchased since arriving in South Africa. The first 4 are currently in our bathroom. The last three are in our kitchen. Can you guess what these items are?

Yum Yum

Just so I don’t leave my South African readers out, can you tell me some inexpensive places to find furniture? Are there any second hand stores or resale shops? We are in a furnished home right now, but when we move, we will have to start from the beginning-beds, sofa, bookshelves, dishes, all of it!
Please leave your guesses in the comments section. Thanks for playing.


Anonymous said...

Dawn - soap
Kair - shampoo
Fiesta - cleaner
Doom - toilet bowl cleaner
Yum Yum - chocolate or yogurt
Milo - powdered chocolate energy drink
Bubbles - dish soap or pop :)

Sarah said...

OK, here's my guesses...can't wait to hear what they actually are!!

Dawn-hand soap
Kair-shaving cream
Fiesta-toilet paper
Doom-bug spray
Yum Yum-chocolate milk
Bubbles-diet soda

Love ya! Sarah DB

Jeff and Rebecca Steigenga said...

Here we go!
Dawn- tooth paste
Kair- toilet paper
Fiesta- mouth wash
Doom- cleaner
yumyum- milk
Milo- ketchup
Bubbles- soda

Robin said...

Well since I didn't ever go shop when I was there, I'm still playing...
Dawn - Shampoo
Kair - Lotion
Fiesta - Toothpaste
Doom - Toilet Paper
Yum Yum - Floor cleaner
Milo - Paper Towels
Bubbles - Dishwasher soap


retha said...

I do know what a fiesta is, but ... are you parking a car in your bathroom! said...

No guesses from your mom - I just love seeing what others think. I am about facts.
Thirty three years ago on July 20 a beautiful baby was born in Valpo Ind. We named her Jonna Michelle. For 4 years she despised the name and told everyone she was Joni. In seventh grade she decided to be Jonna again. To us she is the perfect JONNA. We are so proud of who you are in Christ Jesus-chosen, dearly loved, precious, loved. All those are true for us as well. I could write the book on you dear girl. You have a true servant heart and God will use you in amazing ways for HIS glory. Take it slow and let Him work out His good purpose in your life. We love you and cannot believe it was 1978 when God sent you into our family-what a tremendous blessing you have been to us. Happy Day with your precious family. Dad and Mom

Anonymous said...

good afternoon... thinking you will get this on your birthday.. meant to really meant to send a card.. (darin should have organized this...) and Jesus calling was awesome for July19th, and you are now 33 years old on July 20th.. which makes me older.. i had a cut on my hand this morning and a staff told me it is because as I am aging, my skin is becoming paper thin.. really?? ok, not like im' even 40 yet.. lol.. i figure fiesta is tp, like a party in the potty.. not sure about the rest, but i bet bubbles is pop.. love you so dear sister.. hope you call me in the morning for your 615 birthday song.. xox laurie

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