Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tyson's Prayer

Before bed, we usually have the kids take turns praying. Unless, of course, they are being crazy wild, then mom or dad pray just to keep us sane! Sweet Tyson has been praying the same thing for months now, since even before we moved. We have one 7 year old who is very eager for the petrol station to be built. Maybe even more eager than his daddy!
Here are some of the things Tyson usually says when he prays:

Dear God, please be with me and my dad when we build our petrol station.
Help us listen to the commands of the people in charge.
Give us strength and stamina to do the work.
Help me and my dad to have a good time when we build the gas station.

We can tell he’s getting a little impatient with the whole process when he utters some of these phrases:

Like I prayed before…
Please make it go faster.
Please remember that prayer I prayed before…

We’re not sure if he’s imagining himself riding around in a backhoe or what! It does make us both smile and Darin assures him that while he won’t be able to use any of the machines, his daddy will make sure to find a few special jobs for him to do out at the work site. We love Tyson’s eagerness and his childlike faith!


Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet Tyson, I love you so much! What a sweetheart! I would love to be able to be sitting next to him and hear his special prayers. Hugs and kisses to those two precious kids!
Grandma Karen

Robin said...

That is so cute - Like I've prayed before....please remember that I've already prayed for this....that is adorable.
I bet you and Darin peek your eyes open and giggle to each other! :) thanks for sharing, that is adorable.

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