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I have a new favorite phrase out here. We have only heard it once, so it doesn’t qualify as being South African, but it is funny. Our realtor keeps saying “I’ll give you a tinkle”, which means he’ll call us. Andy Elders, I think you should adopt this phrase! Please use it at least once in the next week and then tell me what the reaction was of the person you said it to. Everyone should try it out, but I just see it as a good phrase for “stranger danger” Andy.

Darin’s favorite phrase is “Test your hooters”. Out here, car horns are called “hooters” and there are often signs telling you to hoot or not hoot when you pull up to a gate. We heard “test your hooters” in a song out here during Holiday Club.

We finally saw a giraffe today! It had been over a week since we’d seen any at the farm, although Amos saw two earlier in the week. I’ve missed the giraffes. They are just so elegant.

Today Darin went to get a haircut and he ended up cutting his own hair. I just don’t see that ever happening in the states, but I also think it is probably not the norm here in South Africa, but what do I know. He asked the lady if she could cut his hair and there were some language barriers and he ended up being handed a pair of clippers. It only cost him 10 Rand($1.50) to use their clippers instead of the 30 Rand($4.50) that was the advertised haircut price.

Now the recipe. A few weeks ago we made African Peanut Sauce from the Wycliffe cookbook. Tonight I decided to combine that recipe and a recipe for Thai chicken that I had made a few times in Michigan. We went grocery shopping this week and I had picked up some stuff to make bbq chicken and the Thai chicken called for a lot of the same ingredients. Hooray. Here is the original recipe:

Bring to a boil 1 cup salsa, 1/3 cup peanut butter, 2 T soy sauce, 2 T balsamic vinegar, 1 T molasses and 2 T water, stirring often. Keep warm.

Combine 1 tsp chili powder, ½ tsp ground ginger, and ½ tsp garlic powder in a bag. Add cut up chicken and shake to coat. (bite size pieces, as much or as little as you want)

In a skillet, cook chicken in 2 T oil. Serve chicken and sauce over rice.  Green onion on top is optional.

Ok, first, definitely sprinkle some green onion on top! SO good. We didn’t have that, but I highly recommend it. I did not have any salsa, so I used a little package of tomato paste, I’d guess it was 3 T worth. I added a little extra water to make up for the loss of liquid. I also sautéed some onion and garlic and added that to the sauce. YUM!

I made chicken in the oven with some Italian seasoning, so we added that to our rice. The other chicken is much better, but this worked just fine. Plus, it gave picky Jori something to eat : )

Thanks for all the comments. I love getting them. Really, it’s kind of sick, but I love it. Also, I am looking for some tasty recipes that use bananas. Keep in mind that I do not have a good processor or blender. I have a banana bread recipe, so I’m looking for something different. Email me at thefeyfamily@gmail.com if you have any banana recipes, or any other SIMPLE recipes that I just have to have : )


Robin said…
I just read this - and I can't help but wonder if you currently have a crazy bat thing over your head - sitting at that big table where we played settlers practically in the dark at Tamboti with the crazy decorations all around you...helping yourself to pop from the fridge, as long as you write it on the clipboard....or if you are currently sitting outside of the Hardings - with probably cassie barking at you in your car...and there are no yard lights there, so if you're there you're probably sitting in the dark too....well anyway, I guess I can picture you at either spot. Oh - and did you see Cassie's new collar? Kirsten picked out a pink one from the US and I brought it to her in Holland - for Cassie!! haha - pink with rhindstones! Well anyway, just wanted to say, I'm still thinking of you, wherever you are sitting. :)
retha said…
“I’ll give you a tinkle” an old saying here. I have not heard it in donkeys years. But don't say "I'm going to tinkle" and expect the same reaction.
Whitney said…
I'm sure Andy will adopt both; "I'll give you a tinkle" and "Test your hooters" into his vocabulary. I think one may get old for me :P

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