Sunday, July 24, 2011

It’s like living in Michigan…only different

We have bought more juice in our first 6 weeks in South Africa than we bought in 6 months living in the states. The juice here is just so good. Instead of apple and orange, we drink litchi, guava grape, breakfast blend and more. Yum!

Tyson’s favorite food out here is 2 minute noodles, also known as South Africa Ramen noodles. Back in Michigan I loved myself a bowl of Ramens, especially chicken or oriental. I will say that I am not such a huge fan of them out here, but Tyson and Darin really enjoy them. Tyson likes cheese, pizza, sweet and sour chicken, barbeque chicken, and beef. He was not a fan of lobster or steak. 

In South Africa, French fries are called chips and chips are called crisps. We have already eaten our way through several bags of crisps-too many to count! Our favorites are Simba (brand) Salt and Vinegar. So good. There are a few other brands of Salt and Vinegar crisps that are decent, but some are just weak.
If I went to a grocery store and asked someone to help me find the tomato sauce, they would lead me to a bottle of ketchup. Instead, I must ask for tomato “puree”.  Confusing to say the least. 

You must ask for “tap water” or you will be served a bottle of water. And if you do want bottled water, make sure you tell them you want “still” water or it will be bubbling.

We can buy ice cream here, but it is super expensive. A package of 6 ice cream bars costs roughly $8! A couple weeks ago we “splurged” on the bars that cost about $4.50. Not good. It was more like ice milk. So sad for this ice cream loving girl. I have seen some places in the mall that look like they sell gelato. I am guessing it might be a bit pricey, but once winter is officially over and the hot weather is here to stay, I will be treating myself! I really miss Ice Cream Alley and their $1 cones!


retha said...

Think the closest you'll get to ice cream is ola.

Jo said...

Ha, those words are british too, we have crisps (in a bag) and chips (with fish), I seem to remember that in kollanade there was a sweetie shop where they sold ice cream...?? either that or get into making smothies at home with all ur yummy juice and freeze them with sticks in....lollies!

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