Monday, July 11, 2011

It’s like living in Michigan…only different

Back in Michigan, I could easily rattle off our home number, my cell phone number and Darin’s cell number. Now I know none of these things (granted we don’t have a home number so I couldn’t possibly know that). I do know that my phone number is 10 digits long and starts with a zero. Ok, I didn’t really know it was 10 digits, I had to ask Darin. Oh, and if someone from the states were to call me, my number would no longer start with a zero. Super fun!

 In fact, unlike the “Michigan” version of myself, I hardly even carry my cell phone with me. It’s not like there’s anyone out here that’s calling me, so why bother!

Speaking of phones, in the states I usually talked on the phone while doing the dishes, watching TV or laying on my bed. Now I no longer talk on a phone, but talk “through” a computer and I am either in a cold bar area with a crazy bat flying over my head or sitting in the front seat of our car while parked outside the Harding’s gate. Good times.

In Michigan, I’d often get sunburned in the summer, but it seemed like the sun was hardly even out during the winter. That is not the case here in South Africa! I already had one little burn and am sure that won’t be the last “winter” sunburn I receive.

We used to go to bed around 11:30 every night. We considered anything before 10 to be super, super early. Now we are usually heading to bed between 8:30-9:00 and if we stay up past that it’s like we’re living on the edge.

Technically, my last “difference” is not correct, because I should have said we go to bed between 20:30-21:00. Even telling the time is different here in South Africa.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to a family to family video chat soon...maybe?
- Ostrich

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing these differences! Just a weird note, today at the library they were giving away maps of Africa for the kids to color. My kids were super excited to see it and where you are. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow... lots of differences! Hopefully your winter sunburns aren't nearly as bad as your summer sunburns. ;)

Jo Rome - UK said...

Jonna I am totally loving reading your blog!
Robin told me about it the other day and I am hooked already :)
It lightens my day and makes me homesick for the lovely SA!!!

You guys are amazing to have changed life so drastically, it is a change I can only DREAM of being brave enough to make!!!

I will visit you all some time on a holiday break I will wish was a life move :)


The Feys said...

Jo, I hope you come too! You must convince Robin to visit as well. Just wait til I've learned to drive on my own so we can actually get out and do things.

Robin said...

Jo!! I'm so happy to see that you are reading the blog - I knew you would love it! I read it everyday too, and I'm hooked on it.
I mean - I love Jonna and of course care how she is doing - but I love, love, LOVE reading and remembering and missing SA!!! Jonna, don't fret - I WILL be back - I'm sure of it!! Jo- we should discuss a year at least and a time frame....2012 - 2 months?? or what!!!!

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