Saturday, July 9, 2011

It’s like living in Michigan…only different

Back in the states we would sometimes treat ourselves to a bag of Sour Patch Kids, or “sour krauts” as Jori called them. Here in South Africa we enjoy Enerjelly Babies. The white ones are my favorite!

We used to wash our dishes with Palmolive liquid dish soap. Now we wash our hair with Palmolive shampoo and conditioner.

In Michigan both of our kids were still in booster car seats and would have continued using them until they were 9 years old (at least I think that’s what the new law said). Now that we’re in South Africa, neither of our kids is in a car seat and we often drive past cars with many small children not even using seatbelts!

Back in the states we were diehard Diet Coke drinkers. Now we are Pepsi Lite or Pepsi Max fans as it tastes more like Diet Coke in the states. I think it’s the sweetener.

We used to volunteer at and send our kids to Vacation Bible School during summer vacation. Now we’ll be participating in Holiday Club during winter break!

I have a lot of ideas for blog posts rolling around in my head, but I can’t seem to find the time to sit down and type them up. Or maybe I have the time, but I’d rather sit outside where it is warm and it is too hard to type outside as it’s almost impossible to see the computer screen! Thankfully winter will not last forever and it will be warming up soon!

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Robin said...

yeah - i forgot to mention that i loved the little catch phrase - like michigan only different, after this post it just reminds me how everything is similar but really not even close. Like the milk, the cereal, the least the yogurt is creamier! and the chocolate is better.

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