Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to me, it’s good to be 33!

I had such a wonderful birthday yesterday. It was so fun checking our email throughout the day and having 10-15 messages each time! Most of them were little birthday greetings from facebook, but there were many personal messages as well. Thank you so much for helping make July 20, 2011 so special.

Here is a recap of my wonderful day:

Darin let me have the bed to myself this morning, one of my most favorite things.

The kids made me special birthday presents throughout the morning. Jori gave me some stickers and the birthday pencil she got at preschool. Tyson gave me some chapstick (from our stash) and a bookmark that he had given me for Mother’s Day. I love regifting : ) They both wrapped their presents up with paper and masking tape and hid them for me to find.

I was out by the fence standing quietly and 2 zebra came to drink at the watering hole. It was so peaceful watching them and they didn’t even notice I was there. A special birthday treat just for me.

I drove to Mama Cathrine for a visit. The whole fam was with me, but I actually knew where to go! I need to write more about her, but still just trying to get some stuff together in my own mind before I spew it out on the internet.

Grocery shopping at Jubilee Mall, just what I wanted to do for my birthday : ) We did go to King Pies afterwards for a snack as it was getting close to lunch. We had a sausage roll and a steak and cheese pie. Both of the kids thought they were great.

Back home for a quick lunch and more time sitting in the sun. It was so warm and sunny, which was a gift in itself.

We went over to Harding’s a little after 2. I had plans to call my sister, Laurie, on her way to work, which would be just after 3 SA time. While we waited, Darin looked up houses on line, I folded laundry and the kids played on the trampoline. Then, just before 3, I look out the window and see Darin walking quickly to the trampoline and then he and Tyson come around the corner. All I can see is blood covering Tyson’s hand, so I head out the door. Tyson had fallen and cut his head open on the steel frame of the in-ground trampoline. It was nasty. You can see a picture of it in our Picasa albums. I was so, so, so, so glad Darin was there as I do not do well in emergency situations. It was bad. Thankfully it happened at the Harding’s and Mark had just arrived home. He used to be a paramedic and quickly determined that Tyson did not need stitches. So he shaved around the wound, cleaned it out, then super glued the wound together. THANK YOU MARK!! And a thank you to Chris for taking the picture with her phone : ) I did actually call my sister while everything was going on, just to tell her I couldn’t talk to her because Tyson had just cut his head open. Thanks for being so understanding sissy.

It was time to head home and wash the blood off of Tyson and give him some Tylenol. After his bath, we set the kids up with a movie and got to work making homemade pizza. We used a pizza dough recipe from my friend Michelle and we made up a sauce using some info from my friend Rebecca. Thank you ladies for your help! The pizza was SO good. We made one cheeseburger and bacon and the other was 1/3 cheese, 1/3 bacon, and 1/3 onions that had been cooked in onion grease. Yum! We ate all but 2 pieces. If Tyson had not been hurt, I am sure he would have eaten a lot more, but I think he only had 1 ½ pieces.

After zipping Jori through the shower, we headed to Tamboti for dessert. I’d been waiting all day and finally it was time for me to have my very own bowl of Cape Malva Pudding!! So good. I did give the kids each a little bite and they actually liked it. Hard to believe. Darin and the kids shared a chocolate pudding, which is a small cake with ice cream. Then, while the kids watched a Wild Kratts episode on the iPod, I called my mom. It was hard to get a good signal, but I was able to hear her birthday greeting to me and I also told her that her grandson had a head wound that had been fixed with super glue. Just what every grandma wants to hear! Darin tried calling his mom, we spent some time on facebook, and then we went home.

We popped the kids into bed in record time and then settled in to watch a movie that we borrowed from some friends we met at church. If you have never watched “The Flight of the Phoenix” with Dennis Quaid, well then I don’t know what to tell you. I told Darin that it would have been a really good movie if they had left out about 99% of the sappy moments and dialogue. It was still a nice way to end the evening.

Now it is Thursday morning. Jori has been busy cleaning up around the house and helping Amos and Tyson has been watching a movie. His head is still closed and he doesn’t have a headache. He is a bit tired and we hope to just keep him still today to prevent any further injuries from occurring!  Looking forward to another beautiful South African day!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a marvelous birthday (minus the super-glued head injury - but handy to have an ex-paramedic so close)! Glad you got your cape malva pudding. I LOVE sausage rolls (at least the ones in Oz, which I'm sure are similar). Can you easily/cheaply get cheets of puffed pastry in the freezer section there (you can in Oz so I wonder if it's the same there)? If so, I have a couple recipes for you that are super easy! And lastly, so happy the pizza dough turned out! Woo hoo!

Jenny Z said...

Sounds like your birthday was great! And it really sounds like you're doing well, Jonna, which makes me so happy. I checked out the pictures of Tyson's head...and holy cow, that looks nasty! Aren't you so glad that someone w/ medical experience was there?

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