Sunday, July 17, 2011


We’ve had a few firsts out here in South Africa. Some were more enjoyable than others!

On Friday, we saw monkeys for the first time out at the farm. We’ve heard they were out there, but we haven’t seen them since we arrived and never once saw them when we lived here in 2008.  (On a side note, if you want to see pictures of where we are staying, you can look through our Picasa Web Albums. The link is near the top of the blog, under the picture of the tree. I can’t think of what the album title is, but it might be “At home in Africa”. ) Jori actually spotted the monkeys first and came running inside to tell us what she was seeing. We, of course, did not believe her, but she was right. There was a whole troop (tribe, mob, group??) of monkeys (vervet I think) running through the brush and into some trees and then back down again. Just as quickly as we saw them, they were gone.

Also on Friday, I almost rolled backward into a car for the first time. This is a first I’d rather not repeat! My driving really has been improving, but there are still a few things I need to work on like keeping the brake pressed all the way down when I’m on a hill. Maybe Darin will write more about my driving and give his opinion on how my training is going in a later post.

Tyson had three firsts this weekend. On Friday, he caught his first lizard! Soon after, he was bit by this same lizard. Poor Tyson. His other first was even worse. Today (Sunday) after scarfing down a donut and playing on a merry go round at church, Tyson ended up puking in the car. He is such a super kid though that he managed to stick his head out the window and barf down the side of the car! If it had been Jori, I am sure Darin and I would have both been covered with puke, so way to go Tyson! He immediately felt better and was ready to enjoy his portion of our last box of macaroni and cheese soon after we came home.

We also skyped for the first time last night! We were able to see Papa John, Gram, and Pebbles the dog! When Papa made Pebbles clap for the kids, they were just in heaven : ) It was so good to see some familiar faces, but hard too. Both kids cried that night and I think that seeing my parents reminded them of all they are missing out on, which is tough!

I am sure we’ll have many more firsts as we continue this journey. Hopefully the good will outnumber the bad!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have this blog to keep track of all these things - it's a gift both now and in the future.

Whitney said...

Had a dream about you guys and Andy and I were in South Africa hanging out with you all. It was so great to see you even in a dream :)

Anonymous said...

laugh out loud funny .. i can just see you driving down the road with a puking kid... good times ... we are plugging away on firsts too.. caden with his first love.. it was her birthday he bought half her present we bought the other half... life keeps on moving.. xox me

retha said...

Very good for a fast thinker!

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