Wildlife Bonanza!

Mark (Harding) just took us on a game drive and we saw SO many amazing creatures. I think we were only gone for 30 minutes and we saw giraffe, zebra, impala, blesbok, ostrich, duiker, kudu, rhino and more! It was amazing. Darin thinks we traveled 7-8 km and there are about 75 km of paths that we can go down.

We are glad that the DiCocco’s, who are visiting on Saturday, have a vehicle with 4 wheel drive so we can go out with them and hopefully see as many animals as we saw tonight! Sadly, we can’t go out on our own as our little rental would probably fall apart after about 5 minutes of driving down the dirt paths.

Jori said “We are having WAY more fun than people in Michigan. They can only see animals at the zoo!


Anonymous said…
Tell Jori that I was thinking the same thing! You ARE having way more fun! Jen E.
Jenny said…
That sounds like so much! How can I get myself to South Africa...I'm going to have to start thinking about that :)

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