Saturday, June 11, 2011

We are leaving TODAY-and other random things

Ok, so I totally should not be blogging and instead should be doing something useful, like packing, or cleaning up the apartment, but at this point I just can't get my body to move. Maybe it's because I am pretty sure I got 4 hours of sleep last night. It might have been 5, but my aching body and pounding head are making me think it was 4. Oh well. Tonight I get to get all cozy on an airplane, so I am SURE to get more sleep then. That's something you could all pray for, because if you know me even a little bit, you know that I NEED sleep like really, really bad to be a kind and loving person. Without sleep I turn into a crazy person and not always a very nice crazy person.
We had a wonderful night last night. Our kids were at Huismans for much of the afternoon (after a round of speed bowling at the Hudsonville Lanes with yours truly!) and we joined them there for dinner. We had Marco's pizza AND Rachel made spaghetti bake just so that I could have a homemade meal. She is that kind, even without sleep! It really was a wonderful night with party hats and homemade signs and JJ yelling "Happy Birthday", even though we were not celebrating a birthday at all. Darin and I left around 7:30 to get some stuff done at the apartment and Jon and Rachel put our kids to bed at their house. We headed back over there around 9:30 and shared some laughs. There was NO CRYING as this was a party day and I have somehow slipped back into denial mode and am not really accepting the fact that we are moving to a new country in less than 12 hours.

Darin is busy packing already. Thankfully he is a good sleeper and seems to have boundless energy, unlike some of us. We'll be heading back to Huismans around 11:30 to get our kids and say goodbye to Jenna, JJ and Reid. That will not be so fun as we all love those 3 kids to the moon and back. We truly do. Rachel took some video of the kids last night and it was making me smile and breaking my heart at the same time because they just love each other so much. After we get the kids, we'll be bringing them to another friend so they don't have to be with us at the airport for hours on end. Oh no, we want all that action for ourselves as it is bound to be loads of fun.

Here is a quick link I've wanted to share for a while, but just never quite got around to doing so. I remember reading this post many months ago and I've thought about it many times since. It is about the difficulty of leaving family and friends and the difficulty of being left. For a long time, I thought our family was going to be the ones struggling and feeling sad, but I came to realize that it is also hard on the family and friends we leave behind. So go read this post, and make sure to read the comments as well, and then come back and write something loving or thoughtful on my blog. Ok, you don't have to do the last part, but I do love comments : )

Ok, I should really get going. I might see if our neighbor is up so I can bum a cup of coffee. I am needing it in a bad way.

Thanks for praying for us!!!


Anonymous said...

Love you guys, so much! It's no doubt hard on everyone but with big changes, come big after effects - like earthquakes and tornados. But it also comes with planting seeds and watching them bloom into beautiful flowers and grow into mighty trees. It's hard to remember in this very moment that the friendship still remains (though changed) and life still goes on (though different). I can only imagine what I would be going through if we were ever to move to Australia to be with Simon's family and I cannot imagine... so know you are loved and prayed for, along with all you are leaving as it was. But also know we are cheering you on and so excited to see what is to come! And thank goodness for the Internet!

Jeff and Rebecca Steigenga said...

Oh Jonna! I don't want to discredit your anxiety with moving but I do think the people being left have it harder. You have a sense of adventure and newness to what you'll be experiencing. Scary but new. We just get to go on with life without you. We don't have anything fun or exciting to write to you about. I know this from personal experience with my sister leaving. IT IS SO SO HARD to send your sister, nieces and brother-in-law away and just go home. It's kind of like going home after a funeral.... like what now. I SO cherish any email, skype session or letters or phone call I get from my sister and her family. I will be very selfish with them when they do come home to MI.
Darin and Jonna, I will cherish all of your updates and emails. I am so excited to see you be obedient to God in South Africa. I can't wait for you to get to the point of calling South Africa your home.... although I wish you didn't have to. Know that you are deeply loved by your EGM family and are prayed for often and will never be forgotten.

The Louzons said...

Jonna we love you and know that this will only be a short part of your lives! We have been so blessed to be a part of your lives and can't wait to see what God has in store for all of us in the coming years. Again the verses from Lamentations are swimming in my head, I'll leave them here for you to remember again! Love you guys! Lamentations 3:22-24
Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed,for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, “The LORD is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.” said...

Yesterday my comment disappeared somehow so here goes-the youth and technology.
Yes, we will miss you, but it is like Michigan only different. You are just a few more thousand miles away. But God has not moved and His throne is just as close and we can all meet there every moment. Jonna, you should write a book-you express feelings-joys, hurts, sorrows - you know yourself better than most and are willing to put your soul on the line. Your mom is so proud of who you are in Christ Jesus. To all the friends who read this I want to shout out a big thank you for all you have been and done for the Fey family. Jonna's in-law family are the best in the world -every girl needs a mother-in-law like Jonna's. It seems like we kinda leave Darin out of this picture, but it is good that he is laid back when the tiger gets moving. Jonna, you are your dad - energy in motion. You get on that plane and remember- "Hitherto has the Lord helped us" And hitheron He will as well! Hang on for the ride of a life time. Love just for this day. Mom

Robin said...

I have been thinking of you guys all morning today, really, like every hour I'm thinking of you guys, what a big, scary and exciting day. I can't believe it's finally here!I am excited to read your updates and keep in touch with you. Love to you all. said...

Right now you are flying on towards London and I keep asking dad how much longer and he says, 'One hour less than you just asked me.' My heart is going with you. Jonna what joy to hear Tyson so excited on the plane in Chicago that he had a simple picture of Pebble (the dog) and as an after thought one of me as well. Oh you have beautiful children. Muster up every ounce of patience even tho you must be dragging. Pat a head - hold a hand- give a hug and lots of praise for jobs well done. Cannot wait to wake up and get the next update-and see LONDON!! Love you Mom

retha said...

That means either you are almost here, or you are see London now. 17:56 on the 12th

Hope you all do get to sleep.

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