Tyson's Last Day of 1st Grade!!

Today our sweet boy went to his last day of first grade. He spiked his hair for the occasion:
Our First Grade Graduate!!
We stopped in to see Tyson at his school picnic. He was having a great time, but as always, he LOVES having his family around. I think that is such a special thing that he is still so excited to see us and I hope it lasts for many more years.

Tyson had such a wonderful year. He was blessed with two special teachers, Mrs. Faraci, who left part way through the year to care for her twin babies, and Mrs. Groenleer who came in after Christmas break. Tyson and Mrs. G really hit it off! I have also gotten to know Mrs. G as I helped out in Tyson's class on Fridays and also as I went to her with a LOT of questions about our upcoming venture into homeschooling!
Tyson and Mrs. Groenleer
We are so thankful for the 2 years Tyson has at Park Elementary. We wish he and Jori would both be going back there next year, but look forward to seeing what God has in store for our kids in South Africa!


retha said…
Love the spike :o)
Michelle said…
Isaac was sad when he came home from school Thursday. He said he is going to miss Tyson! He has been praying for him every night. I hope you have safe travels and adjust to your new life quickly! God bless!

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