Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things Jori Says

Jori is such a little know it all. That is what makes most of the things she says so funny because she always sounds SO totally confident in what she’s saying.

In the car, Jori: “Did you know that Jesus is the vine and we are the bridges?”
Me: I think you mean branches.

In the mall, Jori: “I hurt my weiners” as she straddled a steel pole
Darin: “You don’t have weiners”
Jori: “ Yes I do, right here (pointing) and they hurt.”

In the car: Jori “Look at those pink clouds”
Tyson: “I thought she said cows”
Jori: “No I did not Tyson because cows could NOT be in the sky” (in her know it all voice)

During Devotions: The Ten Commandments, taking God’s name in vain
Examples: “Oh my gosh” “Oh my God”
Jori: Just like we can’t say “stupid” because there in an ‘s’ in stupid, just like in God. G..O.. Uhhh, I mean Jesus, right?


liz said...

That is adorable! I love the last one :)

Jenny said...

So cute- I just love this age. Don't you feel like saying "Huh?" to some of their questions?

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