Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Pictures are up! Either follow this link https://picasaweb.google.com/116296933739428710696/June2011 and if doesn't work, click on Pictures and Videos and then click on the Picasa albums link in there. Enjoy!


Whitney said...

Am I the only one that couldn't see the pics. I tried both ways...bummer! I will keep trying!I did galance through a few other albums!

The Feys said...

Hi Whit. I think you should be able to see the new pics now. Please let me know.


Jenny said...

It's funny to see you guys all bundled up. I mean, I know it's the winter there...I just never pictured Africa getting chilly!

Love the animal pics by the way - I love that you can see them from your house!

Whitney said...

Love the pictures! Makes me miss you guys but it also makes me want to come and visit...hmmmm; note to self start saving! Love to all!