My Wedding Ring

I love my wedding ring. Darin and I picked it out together and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was the one. I think he did too. My ring just fit me. It wasn't big and flashy, but was a little different than all the other bands. Here are a few pictures of my lovely ring:

Now, as much as I loved my ring, it did have one big black mark against it. It was ALWAYS catching on things. It would catch on clothes, skin, my pants pocket, innocent babies... You name it, I've scratched it with my ring. It got to the point where I just stopped wearing my ring because it irritated me. Now, if we weren't getting ready to move half way around the world, I would have just left well enough alone and worn my ring to church and on special occasions, but this move has kind of turned me into a crazy person who wants all sorts of details taken care of NOW.

So, a month or so ago, I told Darin I wanted to go buy a plain wedding band and I was going to leave my ring back in the states. I went to Jensen Jewelers right here in Hudsonville to check out the bands, but the price of gold is a bit high right now, the "hard metals" (stainless steel and titanium) do not come in my size (I wear a 4) and cannot be re-sized, and the only option left for me,sterling silver, tarnishes and would need to be polished so my finger wouldn't turn green. No thanks. That left me with one option-change my existing ring. I wasn't exactly sure I wanted to do this, because other than being a danger to clothes and small children, I really, really loved my ring. Like a lot.

However, Darin and I talked and agreed that changing my ring was the way to go. Darin didn't really want me to never wear my ring again and they wouldn't have to change the part of my ring that I am most attached to, which is the band. Strange, I know, but I really didn't care about the diamond or the setting. So, a couple weeks ago I brought my ring in and today I picked it up and voila!  Here it is:

The band is the same, but now the diamond is set lower in a bezel setting, which means it is all closed in and doesn't have any prongs left to snag things. It took me a few days to get used to it, but I really love it now and am so happy that we chose this option.

Just so you know.


Sarah said…
I like it, Jonna. I remember how excited I was to put my ring on when we came home :)
Anonymous said…
So glad you love it! It is beautiful!
retha said…
Happy for you it worked out so well.
pjvs said…
Ach Jonna you could write a blog on a cheerio and make it sound exciting. I am happy that you are happy with it. Enjoy looking at your beautiful hands that have cleaned, cooked, hugged a child, a hubby, a friend and a steering wheel, given cookies to so many, wiped a tear, typed an e-mail, tucked in two precious kids and folded in prayer. Soon those hands will pull and push luggage, hold on to two busy beavers and finally open a book and breathe a huge sigh as you begin a long journey as God goes before you. Know all our hands are giving you a big thumbs up for who you are more than for what you have done or will ever do. Remember the hands of the ONE who has you in HIS grip. Every time you look at your ring remember the circle of love you are in with your family and friends. May God bless your loving hands. Your mom

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