Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Midweek Review

We are halfway through the week and so far, so good. We have been trying out some different meals. Last night we had cauliflower “mac and cheese”. Our verdict : good, but not worth the effort or price that we had to pay for the ingredients here. For lunch we had overnight egg bake. The verdict: finally, a meal that Jori LOVES, yet Tyson, our kid who eats everything without complaining, hated it! Tonight we are going to try some potatoes from a recipe my friend Michelle sent, and then tomorrow I think we are having spaghetti carbonara from the Sunnyslope cookbook (Thanks Amy T.!) I still need to find parmesan cheese before we can make the carbonara, but I think we are heading back to the Kolonnade area tomorrow to look at vehicles, so we might stop in at Woolworths to check out the food selection there on the advice of my cyber friend, Trace, who we will actually be meeting on Saturday! Yes, we are having our first little South Africa get together with a family from West Michigan! Small world, right? Oh and Retha, if you are reading this, I’d love to know where you live so that we can try to meet sometime too! My email address is

In other news, Darin is heading to town for the second time today to buy apples. We made our first batch of applesauce on Monday and it is already gone. Tyson absolutely loved it, and I think Jori did too although she keeps acting like it is so gross, then asking for more bites. We went to the new Jubilee mall this morning, a shopping complex that was not here in 2008. It is huge and so nice. Really. We wouldn’t even need to go to Kolonnade mall for anything as they have the same stores right in the area. I actually drove home from town this morning, through a stop light and everything. It was stressful, but I am going to keep making myself practice because I want my freedom back. I really do. I miss being able to go shopping on my own. It is not so fun taking the kids along for any of us.

We need to decide if we want to hire a housekeeper/babysitter for while we are here. It would be nice as this house is huge and I know I am not keeping up with everything I should be doing inside. It is just SO much warmer outside, like incredibly warmer, so I just want to be out in the sun all day long. We would also like to run errands without the kids, especially the bigger things like car shopping and house hunting. Having them along is not very helpful at all. Let’s face it, they’re 7 and 5 and just want to run and play. I don’t blame them. It does seem like things take much longer here than they did in Michigan, not only the driving but actually trying to accomplish any task takes loads of time.

Darin wants to leave and I think I think I am going to go sit in the sun and read for a while. The kids are following Amos around (again). Poor Amos. I believe he doesn’t mind most of the time, but they seriously hang on him like monkeys.

Til later!


Anonymous said...

So proud of your for driving! Intersections were always the scariest part of being in the car in Australia, I was always convinced everyone was in the wrong lane.

Anonymous said...

Love reading your stories Jonna - you guys sound like you are hanging in there! Say hi to Tyson and Jori from us and Olivia :) We miss you all! Love ya!

Jenny said...

Way to stick to learning how to drive the stick shift. Can't say I blame you though - The chance to have some freedom and time to yourself must be pretty motivating :)

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