Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baby it's COLD outside!

Ok, we have officially become wimps. It is a bright, sunny day in South Africa and we are freezing our fingers off. Mine are actually all white and frozen looking right now, but that’s because I have poor circulation like my dear mother. Gotta love the white fingers! 

Tyson and Jori are sitting right in front of the space heater right now playing around with the ever present iPods. It is 9:45 in the morning and our guests will be arriving in about an hour. I hope it warms up a bit by the time they get here! I am guessing it is probably warmer out in the sun than it is in our house, but it is also looking a little windy right now, so that kind of negates the sunshine.

I am so thankful I went slipper shopping before we moved here. I found an awesome pair of leopard print slippers, which make me feel like I can sneak up on the wildlife passing by our house. I wear my slippers from the moment I wake up until I go to bed, taking them off only when we leave our property. There have actually been quite a few times where I’ve almost left our house with them still on, which would make me look like even more of an oddball at our local grocery store than I already do. I wear my leopard slippers inside the house and out and am thankful for their warmth and comfort. Darin and the kids are not as blessed as I am in the slipper department. Darin has a pair that won’t stay on his feet and the kids have nothing! Poor little buggers. I should go out and buy them each a pair, but I think we only have a couple more weeks of this “cold” weather, so I might just hold out til next year : )

Ok, I must stop typing now and put on my gloves. My poor fingers can barely move anymore. If you are lucky enough to have a warm sunny day today, please enjoy it for us!

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