Tyson's Speech on South Africa

This week, Tyson's class started a unit on South Africa. His teacher, Mrs. G., put together activities for the kids to do, like coloring the map of South Africa, decorating a traditional mask, and putting together a book of interesting facts about the country. She also checked out a variety of books on South Africa and has been reading them to the class. They'll be continuing to learn more about South Africa through next week. This has been SUCH a great thing for Tyson. He's been coming home from school telling us facts about South Africa and just seems more excited about going.

On Monday, Tyson was able to share about his experience in South Africa back when he was a wee lad of 4. I stopped by so that I could hear what he said and answer any additional questions. He LOVED being in the spotlight. Loved it. It did my heart good to see him in the classroom beaming.
Handing out pictures

Here are the pictures that Tyson chose to share with his class:

Feeding the elephants
Our friend, Amos
Tyson and Fetsi
Riding the quad and seeing giraffes
Petting baby lions
There's a lizard in your bedroom!
Helping Mama Rebecca
At Mama Cathrine's
Mama Cathrine's
Hanging out at Tshepo Ya Bana
Nail in the foot
This last picture has always been one of his favorites. While Darin and I were bungee jumping off a bridge, Tyson stepped on a nail and received a little medical attention from Papa John.

Please head over here to check out some videos of Tyson telling about his pictures. There are 4 videos for you to enjoy!


retha said…
Hope he remembered to tell the class elephants do not roam in the streets :-)nor does the lions.
Katie said…
Those pictures are so great. It's really great of his teacher to do that, for all the kids. Now his friends can know more about where Tyson is going, as well as Tyson. It probably helps him a little to process things.
pjvs said…
Thank God for wonderful teachers who understand the heart of a child. Mrs G. will never know what she did for Tyson. Christ esteem-I am worth a lot just because I am. The kids were so attentive and interested-amazing for 6 year olds. He was like a 3rd or 4th grader giving his speech. Yea Mrs G.
It reminds me of Mrs. Martin when Josh came from Korea at almost 9 years old and she had decorated bulletin boards with South Korea items and when we walked in that first day she was dressed in a Han bok herself. What a welcome to a frightened child. I praise God for these beautiful Christian teachers in public schools. We should all pray that God is going to have good teachers for both of them in South Africa - starting with their MOM at first. We know she can do it!!!!!!!!! Yea Jonna. Love to you and prayers as you go. London here we come. Show them the main sights from a double decker. Yea. Mom

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