Student of the Week!

From May 9-May 13, Tyson was Student of the Week. He had been looking forward to this week for so long. The week before, we received a letter from his teacher with instructions about what special things he needed to bring each day. The letter also included a little note about Tyson and it really just touched my heart. Here is part of what Tyson's teacher said about him:

Tyson is a wonderful first grade student. He is a hard worker, a great listener, and a nice friend. I love how excited he is to learn new things. Tyson is kind and polite both to myself and to those around him. He has a great heart. He loves to help others. We love having him in our classroom.

Thank you, Mrs. G. for your sweet words!! 

Here are a few pictures from Tyson's special week:

 On Wednesday he had to bring his favorite snack, so we decided to celebrate his birthday (early) and bring cupcakes. Darin frosted them all. Great job honey : )

Tyson Alan, we love you more than you'll ever know. You have a love of life that makes us smile. We are so thankful that you are ours.


Anonymous said…
What a great teacher to send such a sweet note! Also - your kid is pretty great, too!
Anonymous said…
Nice work with the cupcakes Darin however they could have been much prettier if you would have coughed up 2 extra bucks! :)
Anonymous said…
3.99...that's right! :)

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