My Girl

Jori has to be one of the easiest kids to please. We just spent an hour going through her toys and special things-deciding what things to give away, which ones to keep out and which of the keepers we can pack right now. She was just getting so excited about how much room she was going to have. She kept saying, "I am going to have SO much room to play, mom" and "Isn't this going to be so great?" She was so good about being willing to let go of some of her things and even better about letting us pack up her remaining toys and things now instead of right before we leave. I told her we could give her shelves away and told her it would give her more space in her room (also known as the master bedroom closet). She was like "Please, get dad to take the shelves", because she obviously doesn't realize how strong her mother is : ) Then I moved her mattress to the other side of the closet and she said "I can't believe my eyes in here! This is like a playground!"

Jori, may you never lose your enthusiasm for the little things. I love how you seem to always see the silver lining and pray that your optimism will start to brush off on me.


retha said…
That is a good prayer to pray for one child.
Anonymous said…
This is so sweet - may our kids all have that same optimism as they get older!
liz said…
I am going to miss that little girl!

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