Happy Mother's Day

It's almost over, but not quite. Mother's Day. Honestly, we usually don't do a whole lot to celebrate this day and I've been ok with that. This year, I think Darin knew that I was just needing a bit of love and we all had such a fun day together.

This morning, the kids were both so much more quiet than usual. When I finally rolled out of bed, they had each made me a card. Jori's had toilets all over it (?) and Tyson had written the following:

Dear Mom, I love you and you are spectacular and awesome

Then we got ready and headed to church, where the kids each made another Mother's Day card (Tyson's had the same message in it for me) then came home to take a quick Mother's Day picture before heading out again. And yes, I am wearing a necklace made out of straws and buttons. Jori was so happy I was wearing it and just seeing her little smile made me so happy.
Mother's Day 2011
We decided to head to Grand Rapids for lunch because we needed to meet some people there to pick up our new iPod. Yes, we are finally getting to the point where we are getting some things done for our move. We are planning to download all our cd's onto the iPod and leave the cd's behind. Welcome to the 21st Century Fey family : ) So we headed to GR and ended up at Steak and Shake for lunch.  Fast food for Mother's Day is the way to go. There was no line and the food was great. We even got milkshakes, a real treat. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch, then headed to pick up our iPod.

On the way to GR, I had told Darin that the one thing that would make me SO happy for Mother's Day, was a piece of strawberry rhubarb crumb pie from Grand Traverse Pie Co. My man loves me, so off we went to get me a piece of pie. I actually left the fam in the van and went in to get the pie by myself, and I am so glad I did. Without the distraction of kids in the line, I was able to listen to the conversations around me and realized the sweet little couple ahead of me needed some help. They couldn't find the menu (it was posted on the wall) and just seemed a bit confused. So I was chatting with them when the lady said "and where is the free pie for Mother's Day?" Free Pie?!? I knew nothing about this, so when the next register opened I went and asked and sure enough, they were giving away slices of fruit pie for Mother's Day and strawberry rhubarb crumb is a fruit pie! So I didn't have to pay and I was able to help the sweet couple find a paper menu and I recommended that they get my favorite pie. 

After that, we headed home and Darin took the kids outside so that I could take a little nap! Yes, he is the man. I felt so much better after having a little sleep. Jori had some big plan to have a surprise party in her room. Thankfully she let Tyson get involved in her plan, and at 3:30, Darin and I were greeted with cries of "Surprise" and "Happy Mother's Day" and "Happy Father's Day" from both kids. They had taken all the games and puzzles and put them in their room  and we got to choose what things we wanted to do with them. Smart kids, right? So we played a game and put together a puzzle. Then the kids watched a show called "I'm Alive" about people who survive attacks by wild animals. In this episode a lady got bit by a snake and a kid was gored in the leg by an elephant. So then the kids played "elephant attack" for a while until we decided to walk and get groceries  When we got back home, it was time to eat dinner and get ready for bed. We had two very tired kids in the house this weekend, so it was great to get them in bed and asleep by 7:30.

Then, to end the perfect Mother's Day, I ate my pie and watched the finale of "Amazing Race" with my amazing husband. It really was a wonderful day and I felt so blessed to be the mom in this wonderfully crazy family. 


Tami Schemper said…
Sounds like a fantastic day! I love that you wore the necklace that Jori made you too... did you wear it to church? :) You are so blessed and have such a terrific family! Btw- I LOVE the title of your new blog- "it's like living in MI only different." LOL! You're hilarious and you make me laugh. Love you! Tami
Anonymous said…
I love that you got to have your favorite pie - but bummed I did not know about this free pie wonderfulness! I got a DQ blizzard (midnight truffle) so it's all good :)
The Feys said…
Thanks ladies for your kind words.
Michelle, if not for that little old lady, I wouldn't have known about it either. It seriously made the pie even better!!

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