I LOVE getting comments, like I really love them. I was feeling so sad that not very many people were commenting on my posts, but then a few friends said they had tried to comment but weren't able to. Oops! I changed a few things around and now everyone should be able to comment, so please do!


Anonymous said…
Comments are gold - I love the little nuggets people share in them!
Lydia said…
It's 2:00 a.m. and I'm still awake with a lot of concerns on my mind.T This has been happening for the last number of nights...something I've never really had like this before! I decided to check out your blog and looked up the link to the special necklaces. Not only were the verses on them just what I needed right now, but they're also a wonderful gift idea for a lot of struggling people who are on my heart. God is amazing! I think I'll go back to bed...I feel as though I've been hugged :-) Good night, Jonna!
The Feys said…
Lydia, I often find myself awake in bed at odd hours, so I know how you feel! I am glad that God was able to use my blog to help you get some rest last night. I just ordered myself a necklace with Isaiah 43:1 on it "I have called you by name. You are mine" because I need that reminder a lot right now.
Anonymous said…
Yay - Now I can leave comments!!! :)

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