Things Tyson says

I love my boy. He is getting so big and is learning so many new things. He loves being on the computer and is able to get around on the Internet just enough to play PBS kids, Lego Star Wars and watch videos on YouTube. The last one is his favorite thing to do on-line.

Tyson is a really good reader, but sometimes he mixes the letters up a bit, especially with unfamiliar words. This morning he wanted me to find the words to a song he liked listening to on YouTube and he told me the three steps I needed to follow to make this happen.

First: Click on MO-liza FireFox (also known as Mozilla)
Second: Go to Swa-bucks (aka Swagbucks, our current search engine)
Third: Type "Dynamite" ly-cris (or lyrics as they are more commonly known)

He knew all the steps I had to take, but was just mixes up or leaving out a few letters. Yes, I did make him tell me what I had to do 3 times just so I could listen to his mispronunciations. I did not correct him and probably won't because it makes me smile when he says "Mo-liza" and "ly-cris". He also says "Pa-kee-sa" instead of Picasa, and until recently referred to JC Penney as "Juh Kuh" Penney, which is the phonetically correct pronunciation. I love this kid!


Anonymous said…
I fully encourage repeated mispronunciations :) My favorite of Liam's was pi-nan-o for piano. Jack calls waffles, waffies, which we all now say.
retha said…
He already can communicate with the people here then, that looks like it sounds to mean 'hurry up'
Sarah said…
Tyson and Kaden could start their own languge. I love the little ways that they adapt language and it makes me sad when they learn the "correct way".

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